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Sasquatch Or A Gorilla Has Been Spotted In the


The Theory Of Gigantopithecus

Countless individuals believe that the thousands of sightings of Sasquatch across the country can be attributed to a small population of Gigantopithecus Blacki which is a creature that is believed to have gone extinct more than 100,000 years ago.  

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Is this creature a Sasquatch, a man in a suit that is made of fur, or a gorilla that has evolved to walk on two legs?  The latter assumption seems to be quite unlikely.  A group of friends took the video in the Adirondacks, which is a cluster of mountains that is situated in the northeastern park of New York.  

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Most people have seen the film that was taken by Roger Patterson and Roger Gimlin at Bluff Creek, which is located in California.  The film was captured in 1967, and its authenticity has yet to be disproven.  

Sasquatch Sightings And Stories About The Creature That Were Reported Before 1960.  

For thousands of years, native American tribes and individuals who live in Asia have reported the presence of groups of individuals.  American Indians believed that the creatures constituted another tribe of humans, and in China and Russia, people believed that the creatures are a type of ape.  Read these old stories to hear incredible records that contain many of the same features as the reports that are created in the 21st century.